Solitary Blues by Corey Edwards

Solitary Blues I don’t know Which is worse Going to bed Alone For years At a time Or going out To a bar And then getting So drunk That you Black out And come to The next day Not knowing How you got home But feeling this Deep, pervasive Pain In your rectum. Advertisements

Still by Corey Edwards

Still by Corey Edwards You left my life many years ago yet I think of you still, You cross my mind every day I try with all my will To hate you, to denigrate you yet I always fail, I hurt you too much, my memory tells the tale, I made your tears flow much … Continue reading

Cuba by Corey Edwards

Cuba It was around the end Of 2003 The year my father died Following his death I came to fully understand How much my sister hated Me She tricked me into giving Her the keys to his apartment So I could have no access To his belongings Her brief stay in Montreal And our scarce … Continue reading

Sharks by Corey Edwards

Sharks by Corey Edwards I take pleasure knowing that I used swim with the sharks, I was often bitten: my body bears the marks, And as sharks roam the deeps I used to roam city streets, I used to look for beef the same way sharks look for meat, At a tender age I was … Continue reading

A hope by Corey Edwards

A Hope Suicide comes To mind whenever I think of my various Sins and misdeeds How else can I make good? But I live nonetheless I know to do Nothing more Besides, I have the Sneaking conviction That something unpleasant Awaits me were I to Do the deed. However I have no illusions I know … Continue reading

Salvation Army Stew by Corey Edwards

Salvation Army Stew by Corey Edwards I choose not to grimace looking at Salvation Army stew, ‘Cause someone told me that the poor eat newspapers in Peru, In my heart I never knew that I would end up here, Amongst men who truly know that life is far from fair, I lost everything I had … Continue reading

The Underworld by Corey Edwards

The Underworld by Corey Edwards So now I’m in the underworld because I stopped breathing, I see all these characters I’m dumbfounded, unbelieving, Hitler and Stalin in protective custody since God knows when, ‘Cause a hundred million people down here want to kill them again, Then there’s Kurt Cobain asking where’s the cocaine, Pablo Escobar … Continue reading

Inch’Allah by Corey Edwards

Inch’Allah One day I will be free From angst, self doubt And omnipresent solitude One day my dreams Will become reality And I will be able to Savor the fruits of my labor One day I will prosper And wallow in the arms Of love and affection Feeling the sweet embrace Of acceptance and friendship … Continue reading